6 Awesome Bands You Need To Know Now

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I’m so thrilled with the response from my first post. Even the international music community came out strong – yes, international! I received submissions from as far away as the Philippines!

I spent a few very exciting hours going through all of it. As I’d hoped for, there were artists in many genres. Rap, ambient, R&B, rock, brostep (maybe not an actual genre), etc.

I have a couple of general comments. A lot of artists are having their stuff professionally recorded. A studio is a great tool. Access to a recording engineer is a great opportunity. However, to give the music a “modern” sound, a lot of it was compressed to the point of brickwalling. A lot of top-end distortion is not pleasant to listen to! In several cases (not in today’s picks) it took away from the music.

Talk to your producers/engineers! Tell them not to compress you…

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