5 Great Artists You Should Absolutely Hear

Thought Catalog

First off, sorry for the delay since my last post.  I received some excellent submissions and I owe it to all participating artists to be timelier with getting them the recognition they deserve.

As always, send your submissions to thesearethejams@gmail.com .

Let’s kick it off.

1. City Calm Down – “Pleasure and Consequence”

About The Artist: City Calm Down is a live electronic four piece from Melbourne, Australia. With varying degrees of influence stemming from post-punk, disco, jazz, and techno they’re making an interesting brand of electronic dance pop. Their live show involves extensive use of samplers, synthesizers, sequencers and drum modules as well as the use of more traditional instruments such as bass guitar, saxophone, voice and kit.

From Me: The lead singer sounds like an amalgam of two of my favorite vocalists; Ian Curtis and Bono. Steady drums and an eighth note bass pulse keep this post-punk…

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