Diary 1, Entry 1.

So just a heads up: try to use your imagination. Why? Because I am literally rewriting my diary entries as they are written-without spell check and all! And also, this isn’t really for you, It’s for me just incase one day all of my diaries somehow go missing. But enjoy all you wish! Here we go…

Date: N/A (~1999)
Age: N/A (probably 6 years-old)

Vilitse are blue! Roes are red! The must of things I Love u.

He’s so cute! Let’s go dancing. I Love u.

I am smelling the rose. I just had a slummber party! My cuninse slept over two days. She left after cherch then I cryed for the rest of the day! Because I miss Lauren so so so so so so so so so so much! Now I am watching a hocky game! Now I am getting my shoes on, then I am going to Julia’s house now to play! And maybe I can eating lunch there! Now I am danesing with my friend! Now I am reading my diary to my best friend Julia! Now Julia is sad because I told her my realy best friend is Kaitlyn because she was my frist friend, she is still my frist and best friend even if she is deand. Julia is still my frist and best friend! I love them so so so so so so so so so so much! And my boyfriend Derek! And my girl friend is Julia and Kaitlyn. And my girl cusin is Lauren! for Realy! Ringt now! Now I am sitting at the table alone now henneing! Doing nothing. Now I am outside watching mike on his munscherchuk and pepper following Mike! I just take a pichter of my house with the sunset on my house. Now I am on my Mom’s axersixe thing. Then I snack in then I let Mike in! Now I am eating dinner now! Now I am playing doggy with mike Now! Now I am sleeping now getting Ready to go to bed! Now I am eating lunch at school with my friend! Now I am talking to Cheryl now! Now I am going home with my brother now. Now I am wateing for my brother to walk home  now. He is not here yet! Now he is now! Now I am in my mom’s new bed! Now my little brother is under my mom’s new bed.


Lauren- my cousin

Kaitlyn- one of my really good friends growing up but she unfortunately passed away at the age of 7 due to cancer.

Julia- one of my closest friends growing up- we were neighbors

Derek- not really my boyfriend. 

Mike (Michael)- my younger brother

Pepper- my family dog, a yellow labrador retriever 

Just the beginning of one crazy long story.


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