Diary 1, Entry 6.

Date: N/A (~1999)

Dear Diary,

Now I am writing in my diary  and Julia is here writing in her diary! I miss Samantha from the cruise! I hop one day I will see Samantha aign! I saw the rugrats all grown up. My favorite part was when at the end when Angelica and Tommy sang together! That was my favorite rugrats movie ever! That was my favite song that I haerd on rugrats! When it comes out on Veoie I will by it!!

I will get a pet aters all the vaitvan are done! My own pet. My dad and my mom go to a pet store and look what is the perfect pet for me! I would like a parrt! That can tock! It will be a girl. It will be called techy! And the song of the rugrats all grown up move is I am your friend you are my friend!




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