How I Met Myself.

So remember the day when I was going to start a blog and write about my experiences while studying in Rome, Italy? Yeah I don’t either.

WOW. It has been almost a year since I left on that flight to the eternal city. They weren’t kidding when they said that time flies right before your eyes and before I could even blink, it was gone. And the things I have seen, the people I have met, and even the food I ate was completely life-changing. If you told me a year ago about what would happen to me and where I will be today- where I am now- I wouldn’t believe you for a million years. In fact, I would say “Wow that’s great a great plot for a novel!”….except this novel is my actual life.

I realized it was very difficult to blog because I rarely brought my computer with me to places and I always had my journal on me. Ever since I was a little girl-literally since before I could even spell- I was writing in my journals. From doodle images to actual paragraphs,  I always would have my face stuck in-between the pages. There is something about having a tangible work of art in front of me that feels much more sentimental than a blog online. And now, I am currently working on my 9th journal after years and years of writing. 

So here I am revisiting my last draft I had (my second ‘almost’ post) of this blog. 

And the nostalgia begins….

My five wrappers of Kinder cioccolato is staring back at me with the creepy smile of the boy on the front of the empty box. As I am sitting here in front of a half empty bottle of Casale Del Giglio Merlot Lazio, I think to myself, A bottle a day keeps the doctor away… Oh how I wish that was true! But When in Rome…

Ah, Roma! Here I am, finally! It is an incredible change to be living in the eternal city from not only adjusting to the time zone, but the customs of the italian culture. My flight arrived an hour early which was very unexpected but very needed. It was getting incredibly cramped and stuffy in that airplane, but most air travel consist of those uncomfortable situations. When I landed at Aeroporto Internazionale Leonardo da Vinci di Fiumicino, I met up with my friends, Ashley and Megan, and we all got our luggage and met with our Italian Study Abroad coordinator, Gianni. Gianni is one of most expressive italians I have ever met. He is incredibly helpful and friendly, and I honestly would love to have a drink with him someday in Roma. But I hope to meet many more italians who are just as welcoming. When we all arrived at our apartmento, we were assigned our rooms. Ashley and Megan decided to room together, while I was in for a surprise. I thankfully received a room on the second floor which is easily accessible by the staircase. When I was having trouble unlocking my door, it opened and there I met my two other roommates, Jacquelyn and Emily. The two girls are both very pleasant and respectable and I look forward to living here with them. We unfortunately have a small room in which our beds are very close together, with me being on top of the bunk bed. But I really don’t mind having a small bedroom because I plan to spend little time there. Our apartment feels like straight out of the 1930s (maybe late 1920s). With it’s vintage wooden furniture and early art deco atmosphere, I couldn’t feel more at home.

Rome is beautiful by itself in an ancient way. It is fantastico to be living in an area that isn’t very touristy and helps students, like myself, adapt to the Italian culture as fast as possible. It truly rains a lot, but I do not mind as long as I have my Doc Martins and a sturdy umbrella.

My first bar experience consisted of actually having a conversation in Italian with two locals, meeting two Australians and a German- Did I mention this all happened at an Irish Pub in Rome, Italy? Yay culture!

Ever since I have arrived, I have been fighting a sore throat that has now evolved into a sinus cold. I cannot smell the glorious pizza that surrounds me nor does the coolness of gelati, on my swollen tonsils, last. I have been sneezing up a storm that echoes through my apartment walls. I feel like a clam baking in the oven, dry and drought. I wonder what the italian word for ‘muscus’ is? Because I have troppo tango. All I can say is that my diet has consisted of ibuprofen and tea. Thank goodness I packed both!


….yeah I miss Rome.

Anyway, so here I am, practically a year later,but since i am so far behind already, I might as well start from the beginning….of my journals! Yes I am going to tell my story right from the beginning- elementary years of my diary entries. This is going to be incredibly embarrassing so I may have to change a few names here and there, but my mother always told me that I should turn them into a book. Well, here ya go Mom! From here on out I will post at least one journal entry per day and hopefully you all will be entertained by my childness. And hopefully in time, I will catch up to my life now. So it begins.

How I Met Myself…


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