Diary 1, Entry 23. Chapter 15: Happy things and Camping!

Date: N/A (~2002)

Dear Diary,

I am camping with girl scouts, brownies, Juniors, and we are playing the Soul Survivor! There is 4 left. Their names are 2 pages after this. Know how 4 are left? I’ll tell you the story. We were at the camp site and we asked for the key for the cabin. But the mans said he can’t. So they had to sleep in tents unless Mrs. Rhodes friend calls back to get the key. Some of the juniors and brownies were camping there first time outdoors in tents when there is a storm to come. And if they just waited it longer and they still can’t get a cabin, in would whates time. All the brownies left instead of Katie- it is her first time camping. So she staid. One Junior left she didn’t wait to. So they left and there were four girls left for the Soul Survivor.Ā 

The 4 Soul Survivor Campers Names:

Katie S., Katie R., Tina W., Sarah (me)

Then later when we were looking at the tents, as we were doing that they got the key. So we went in and set up our things. We had so much fun first we went outside build a fire and had smores and right after that it started pooring. In the middle of the storm we had to go to the bathroom. After that we had a little snack but we were going to play cards but we did skits instead. Then we had a little bit of free time and we did fan stuff after that we got ready for bed but before we went to bed we took some peices of carboard and a cat can and we would bend the carboard and put as many peices of carboard in the can. Then we get another peice of carboad and stick it on top of the can. After that we poored candle wax around it for ur buddy burners. Then after that we all went to bed I slepted in the cabin the first night. I was on the top with Katie S. and Katie R… I was on the left, Katie S. was in the middle and Katie R. was on the right.

On Saturday morning we wake up and I read in my book for awhile. Then everyone work up and got dress for breafest. We are going to cook on our buddy burners for breastest. We are having french toast. We made a lot it was so much fun, Then we had to clean up the stuff then we played a little.

In the morning, Mrs. Rhodes said we could go to a rock place and learn about them or we can go to the Honey, I shronk the Museum where you get to shrink something. We pick the museum. So as I was saying after we played a little we went on a hike, we saw a river there was a brige but it fell down so Mrs. Rhodes said maybe tomorrow it would be low so we can go across.

So we went back and had some lunch and cleaned up. Then we played some more. So me, Katie, Katie wanted to know if we could sleep in a tent by our selfs. She said yes only if there is a grown up camping out side too! We said there is, there is, there is! So after that, Jenna was here. We tould her about sleeping in the tent. It was alright with her. So we set up the tent. After we got some sticks for the fire. And we went on a little walk. It was fun a little. Then we go to the trading post I got a frog note pad and gip blue sparkles and pink. Oh yeah we made soviover soup! So after the trading post we went to a River behind the tent in a different campsite. Last time the water was go fast and was closer up now it is slow and it is further up. We like went across the river. It was cool.Ā 

On the way back we found a died frog and a haunted grasshopper. On the way back we got a picture on a huge rock and stoped at a place with a lot of benches with a book holder and we as some of the campers told some jokes. After that we went back to the camp site and had quiet time. It was cool. So after that we got some stick for the fire again. Then we played some more. Then we got ready for Dinner. So we had dinner and cleaned and went to the next camp site to say hello and we did some skits and tot them Nature girl. Then we went back and play flash light tag. So after that we went to the bathroom then to our tent. Jenna and I went back it was dark spooky and far back there so we both sleeped in a cabin we were at the top. I was on the right, Jenna was in the middle, and Tina slepted on the left. Before we went to bed we did a memories book about camp and had fundo. Fundo in melted coco diped with crackers and Marmellows. And baked apples with surpi and simon inside. And we did some skits too. As soon as we were going to bed we first play cards. Mrs. Wack tot usa game with card people in Irland play this. Mrs. Wack’s grandmother tot her. Well, after that we went to the bathroom and went to bed.

On Sunday morning I woke up and read for awhile. Then everyone woke up and pack to leave. Then we had breastfest, it was ceral, then we cleaned the whole camp site. In one of the tent there was a died mouse. Then we all went on the hike to the river it was slow and low we could go out half way because we could still fall in and you don’t want to be wet when you are just about to go home. So we went back to the campsite and went to the bathroom and we still rember about the soul survivor.

The soul survivor was…SARAH THOMPSON! That was me because Katie got half in the card and the other Katie was half in and Tina and Jenna was full in and I got half in after all that. If you are just half in it still counts so I am the Soul surviover. I had so much fun that I wish I can do it again!

When I got home I had lunch and watched a movie. Oh yah! In the car Jenna and I sand song in the books that we got from the trading post. I found the Girl Scout music book in the cabin and it was no ones, so I took it. Jenna got hers at the trading post. As we go on. Then I went up stairs to my room and wrote. Then I went downstairs and about making brownies to watch some T.V. After that I just took a nap. Then we all had some dinner and went to bed. That’s going to be the best camping weekend I ever had!




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