Diary 1, Entry 24. Chapter 16: The School Week

Date: September 30, 2002

Dear Diary,

On Monday I was kinda happy because we had gym. So I got ready for school. Then I didn’t work and had gym and lunch and all that. Then when I got home I and had a snack and watch T.V. and I play with Dan F. for a while, Then I had dinner and went to get my hair done and my ears persice. Then I went home and got ready for bed. I just can’t wait until picture day tomorrow.

On Tuesday I woke up and got ready for pictures and school. I got there and a lot of kids said they like my hair. The teacher loved it. So I got my pictures taken and worked and played and lunch. When I got home I watched T.V. and had a snack and wrote in my diary. Luke came over with my little brother named Mike and we all played tag then Edward and Tyler asked us if we can play and I said yes but I forgot that I had soccor but I can still play but my three cousins came over and played a little and they can maybe come to my soccor game. So they left and I came on the speed boat and wrote in my diary what I am doing right now.




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