Diary 1, Entry 33. Chapter 20: School Again and Winter!

December 5, 2003

Dear Diary,

Today was a great day! Brian did notice me a lot. At library he and I was still kicking him. He still sorda likes it. He acts like I killed him. Well, I think he still likes me!

For school on Monday, We will have music, and it is sorda fun and easy. Then on Tuesday, I don’t think we will have instruments because we have a full-day field trip! We are going to the Franklin Insintuit. We might go pass my house. In 2nd grade we went there, and I think we went pass my house. So, when we go, Brian can see my house! It takes about an hour to get there because it is in Philly, in the big city. I can’t wait.

This weekend I am going to have my last soccer game, and it is in the snow! It might be cancelled? Next weekend we will have our soccer party.  We are going bowling and lazer-tagging.

On Tuesday at school again we are getting our report cards! I really hope I get a good grade!

On Friday, we our having our first library test. Library is starting to be easy. The first quarter of the test is not graded on our report cards. I’m glad!

You know about me liking Brian, and Brian liking me. Well, I did this future thing and it said: I will have 3 kids, marry Brian, live in a house, and drive a BMW! I wish that it really happens!

Today we had a half-day because of the snow. I’m a little happy that I had great week!




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