Diary 1, Entry 38.

December 9, 2003

Dear Diary,

Today was good. Our field trip was great! First, we went to a MARS movie (I-MAX) It was cool! It felt like you were really in space. I sat 2 seats away from him. Then we went to room to room writing notes down. Then we went to the firework place it was OK. Brian was siting right next to me, but then he said his ear hurts when he listens to fireworks (loud noises) after that we had lunch for 30 min. Then we went to the gift shop. Brian got a slinkey and named it, Slinkey Sir something?. Then we went to the game room. I did the strength test. I was stronger than Brian! Oh the bus ride home was great too! Brian did talk to me a lot. Then at class I was kicking him again too. Amanda S. broke Brian’s slinkey. So Brian named mine Slinkey Sir something Junior? On the way home to the school I did show Brian my house. I really had a great day. I can’t until tomorrow!

Tomorrow I have my social studies test. I feel good thow like I can do it. I hope tomorrow is a good day. Tomorrow is a half a day. Same with Thursday. I got a good report card too!! šŸ™‚




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