Diary 1, Entry 39.

December 10, 2003

Dear Diary,

Today was not good!! When we were lining up for recess I kicked Brian in the knee-cap! I didn’t know I did kick him there. He fell down in a laughing way, but hurt. Mr. Moore saw it and told me not to do it again. Then at math I got a 16.5 out of 23! That’s bad, but Tyler got 15 out 23 and Wesley got 14 out of 23. I put the decimal in the wrong place because we were estimating for some of the problems. Later after math Brian was handing out papers to each table. There are 4 people at each table. Well, Brian only gave us 3 to leave me out until Jackie said there is only 3 papers, we need 4 papers. Brian acted like he really forgot. I know he really didn’t forget because of me. Then on the way home I forgot my math homework! I got really stress-out of what happened today. So, I called my mom and she said  I should just be myself around Brian  and she will get my homework at the confrens with my teacher. That made me feel better, but I still, and I will say I’m sorry to Brian tomorrow. I really hope tomorrow is a better day!! 😦




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