Diary 1, Entry 50.

January 17, 2004

Dear Diary,

This week was beyond amazing! The only bad part is that Brian was sick for 6 days. Then on Thursday he came back. Oh Friday, when we switched desks, Brian is right next to me. We had a good time on Thursday. Friday was the best. We had library and I helped Brian out with one problem and he said thanks. Then after library, we watched a Wolf movie. 3 people could sit on the couch. We sat on the couch because we watched it on the different TV. We were the only class watching it. Well anyway, Amanda C. was on the right of the couch, Brian was in the middle, and I was on the left. He was talking to me and laughing with me too! He loves squirrels and wolves. One time in the movie a squirrel got killed and I told him, I felt bad for him and the squirrel. We were sitting close and I got the feeling kissing him! I think he got the feeling too. We didn’t ( I didn’t) want to do it in public so we just smiled! That same night the dance started, 7pm to 9pm, I saw some people from my class. Brian said that he isn’t going to go. I just danced with Amanda C., Julia, and Eric kept looking at me, maybe because my hair was up, no one in my class saw my hair up before. Amanda C. liked it up. She said to keep it up for school. I might. That was the best day ever! It was.




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