Diary 1, Entry 56.

May 11, 2004

Dear Diary,

I am sorry I have not respond in like ages, but I was busy. The weeks been good. Brian did notice me and did talk to me, but I think he has a crush on Ally because she is “P.P.” (perfect and popular) but I don’t know. The only thing that I know is that he is my friend.

Well anyway, the school spring fair was good. I loved the music! The spring fling was cool, I mostly danced. I was like the first person there. Amanda C. took me. I first heard that he likes Becky, but Becky likes Mitchell. Brian said that he didn’t like Becky, but he might?!

At camp it was great! College Settlement was so so so cool! I wish I could go there, but i will for the bike ride. Brian got sick had to go home both nights, but he came back each morning. He might of gotten homesick too?! He lost his voice. I did too! Mitch was at my table and chatted about Becky too much! I had to tell Becky because she asked me! Mitch was angry at me, but happy too, but everyone heard the news because Jill over heard and told everyone!! i hate her!Ā 

O-well! Any way the PSSAs were easy. I did them a long time ago. I probably told before! He! He! I got presidential for the gym badge. They did not announce yet thow. On the mile run I got 7 minutes and 51 seconds! I am so glad!!




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