Diary 1, Entry 59.

May 29, 2004

Dear Diary,

Today was a better day, but I didn’t go to the beach. Last night I was so cold! I went shopping all day! I got shorts and a sweatshirt that was really cheap! I got a shirt for Amanda C. and a matching bracelet. I hope she likes it!  Well now I am really tired from shopping. O yeah I got great fudge, it was mint chocolate chip fudge just like the ice cream. I really hope tomorrow I get to go to the park!

Well tonight was OK. My brothers and I were in a fight, but I went to the park and won a stuffed animal. It is a puppy. I named it Woof-In-Boots, or just Boots. I won in the arcade. My brothers are being annoying. Well see ya tomorrow! I hope it is even more fun!




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