Diary 1, Entry 65.

June 7, 2004

Dear Diary,

These two past days were wonderful! I went to Horsham Day wit Katie and we went on a lot of rides! One of them I hurt my back and I felt like I was going to faint but I didn’t. A couple minutes later I felt better after I had a drink of water! I did see Brian there. He also saw me and talked to me too! Then I went to my soccer game with Katie because we are on the same travel soccer team. We would have won if I didn’t kick the ball softer! We did tie though, that was the good thing.

When I came back to the fireworks, Katie couldn’t come because she was too busy!! I saw Dana from my class and my cousins Lauren and Justin. We both watched the fireworks together. I didn’t see Amanda C. or Brian because they were near the police station watching them.

When we had field day, Jill wasn’t there! My wish did come true! I also feel bad for her because her mom kick her and her dad out of the house and went to court. She now lives two hours away from here. Next year she won’t go to KV (middle school) next year. It was freaky when she wasn’t there. So Emily P., Me, and Brian, we did OK in the beginning, but the green team cheated. Brian made up nicknames for everybody. There is one guy that is very fast and he can out run anybody. So Brian named him fast kid. His real name is John. We named another. He is annoying kid. One is Spongebob or Spongebob kid. There is troublemaker kid too. I named two girls Angel and Princess. In the afternoon Emily wasn’t there! So me and Brian were the only captains. We also missed 4 kids. So 4 kids had to go twice. We lost at Tug-a-war twice. At the water break they were all talking so I said I will give the winner of the quiet game $5. Then it was total silent. I was so happy and Brian too because I had an headache from them. Brian thanks me for doing that. The rest was OK. All the kids finally called us captains. There is also twice girl because she always wants to go twice. Brian and I were happy together. Green cheated that is why they won, but I heard blue won?!




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