Diary 1, Entry 66.

June 8, 2004

Dear Diary,

Today was great! Brian really noticed me and he “walked home”. He might do it tomorrow. We heard the places for the teams from field day. Blue was in 4th, (I am on that team) Red in 3rd, Yellow in 2nd, and Green cheated so they are in 1st. Green started before the horn. Tomorrow is our promotion. Brian is playing his saxophone. I am the tallest girl in the grade! I got a new outfit for it tomorrow? We have last Health tomorrow too, but it will be like gym. Then on Thursday we will have our last gym. I am a little scared and worried of not seeing Brian again that is why. I never been this happy to go to school this long (the whole year) I am surprised. I think it is because of Brian! I am going to middle school next year! I can’t wait! Brian might be in my homeroom! I will tell all about tomorrow right after school or the promotion.

O-yeah I forgot that I got an screename a long time ago my screename is sltsoccergirl13, Brian’s is Bterrerson31, and Amanda C. is Accocoacookie. She has a lot more, but that was her first one.

For some reasons 7 is now my lucky # too. 13 is still my soccer # and for everything else.

My doctor for my check-up said that I am nearly perfect for looks and size, He did a test on me and guess that I will be 6 feet tall when I stop growing! Man that is tall! Well, see ya tomorrow!! 🙂




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