Diary 1, Entry 69

June 16, 2004- Last Day of School!

Dear Diary,

Today was the last day of school. Jill and her mom and dad came to Simmons. (BIG fight) The police was there too. I felt so bad that I started to cry because I remember the fights and that we were mean to each another, but she forgave me. In the day before that happened we played kick ball and watched a movie. Brian did notice me. At the end of the day Erica and Becky were crying and the last people out of the classroom, and we went around the school to visit out teachers. I was happy about that. I was late for going home but it was a half a day. I am crying right now. The only good thing about to night is that I got to girlscouts to see a movie.

I will remember everyone and never forget them. The best that happened this was I had fun and made new friends!! šŸ™‚ I wish I could do it again in 6th grade!




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