Diary 1, Entry 70

June 17, 2004

Dear Diary

I really miss everyone. I will never forget the memories! I had such good ones. Amanda C came over my house and we went to Simmons together on the flip bars. We also went to Mrs. Dubin’s class, she wasn’t there so we snuck in!!  She threw out Penny (pillow). Julia is gonna cry! But Charlie is still there! (pillow) Then we listened to Maroon 5! I am still right now! The song “She Will Be Loved” reminds me of Brian. I am crying from the memories at school! I miss it so much! 

I have a soccer party for next year! I am still #13! I realized that 9 and 7 are too. Weird. I can’t wait! I will tell you all the details! Bye, See ya later!




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