Diary 1, Entry 72

July 2, 2004

Dear Diary,

I really hate my brothers! They tease me a lot and kill me a lot! They also know that I used to have a crush on Andrew and now know I have a crush on Brian! In my year book! I will hurt them so bad, I am gonna make them wish they were never born! Grrrr. 

Anyway I got invited to the movies to see Spiderman 2. I sat next to Antoine. We flirted a little. Brian wasn’t there. I found out by creating Tony. Long story! He doesn’t really like me. He said, not really!! I don’t know where he is coming from?!  Does he like love or like me as a friend?! Oh well that was the weird and shocking part.

I’m packing for da shore. We are going down for the fourth of July. Then soccer on Wednesday. We get back from the shore on Monday. Then the weekend coming up we are going to Fair Haven!! We go there for one week, then a day after we get back I go straight to girlscout camp for 1 week. I will be busy this July! Then in August when my brothers aren’t here I can bring my friend Amanda C. down to the shore with me!! I just can’t wait!! 🙂




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