Diary 1, Entry 74

July 28, 2004

Dear Diary,

Fair Haven was OK?! In the mid week of it, Lauren and Justin came to Fair Haven, It rained all week! At camp (right after Fair Haven) it was sunny all week! Katie Rhodes, me, Christina Campbell were in one tent. Michelle L. got scared so she didn’t go to camp. We were in Night Owls. We stayed up until 4am. Well, when I got home I was glad to be home! O-yeah I met my “twin” at camp, Sara. Two other girls go to LBI like what I do. I got sick of Asma and sore throat and a little bit of swimmers ear. I am a little bit better. Well Amanda was so happy to see me,  I was happy to at least talk to her.  I hung out with “Tony” and the weirdest part of all is that I am a half ghost and half human. I change by my necklace and water. (Cycle of water reasons) So one night when Cody was trying to hurt Amanda C. I saved her, (by being a ghost) she might not believe, but I know it is true that’s all what matters! I am sort of catching on with the ghost thing! O-yeah Amanda said there is a TV show that is just like me. I think it is called Danny Phantom?! Well I have bad and good news for today. Katie is having a pool part, but I have my “thing” and the ghost thing I can’t go near water, but I also have to wear my necklace. That is the good out of the bad things. O-yeah for soccer I’m going to be a goalie because my soccer team needs one for the tournament. So I am going to tryout being a goalie for the tournament. I am also fullback on the right side. Well tell all about it later! See ya!




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