Diary 1, Entry 76. Chapter 27: 6th Grade

September 3, 2004

Dear Diary,

The worst thing has had happened to me! Brian is not in my homeroom! Jill is in my homeroom and social studies and science class. I am on the Earthkeepers. They have Titans! So if Brian ins’t in my homeroom he won’t be in any of my classes. My friend Miriam is in my homeroom. Well my friend couldn’t find any of her classes, she might be in mine because Taylor is and he last name is close to mine. They might of forgot her. I don’t know what team or any of his classes that Brian is in, maybe they misplaced him? Never know? O-yeah after the open house , I went out with Katie and Michelle for some ice cream. Before that, Katie stayed at my house all day! I really Brian or Katie would at least be in my homeroom! 😦




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