Diary 2, Entry 3.

June 6, 2005

Dear Diary,

I am back from my break. I went on the computer to see if Brian was on, but he wasn’t. So anyway today we had a water ice social for Chorus and band, by the way I got the chorus solo! I sand great at the concert. Chelsea was mad at me for a whole month. I hated her when she did that. All my other friends said I did good though and not to listen to Chelsea. This Wednesday is the talent show and Miriam S. Jill T and I are doing “Respect” I can’t wait and Thursday is field day! Go Red! “A” day gym people are red and “B” day gym people are black. Brian is on red and we are going to kick butt! You get to sign up for the activities you want to do. Me and Brian have different things, but later on the in the day we are doing by teams. GO EARTHKEEPERS! I am not sure what Brian signed up for though. I want to kick his butt! haha I heard that the Earthkeepers usually win! O-yeah! I can’t believe we only have 6 days left of school! This year flew so fast! I can’t wait until the summer. O -yeah I am also moving up into a higher Math group for next year! I have to take this test though. Wish me luck on it! This Thursday or Friday we are getting our year books and I can’t wait. I hope Brian will sign mine! Well I can’t wait for a lot of things, so well, see ya!




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