Diary 2, Entry 4

June 7, 2005

Dear Diary,

I read my old diary and what I wrote about 5th grade. I miss those days. I wish I could relive those moments, but I wouldn’t want to change a thing. For field day in the afternoon activities i am in water relay, Dizzy Izzy, and Tug-a-war. The reason I got in tug-a-war is because Monica got a hole in her foot by a drill. Sorry Monica, but I am glad that happened because I really wanted to be in tug-a-war. I think Brian might be in it because he thinks he is very bulky. Haha yeah right.

Field day is tomorrow and I can’t wait! Go Red and Earthkeepers!!

The talent show I also can’t wait for because Jill, Miriam, and I are in it and I am so excited! Brian is doing a song with “his band” with his saxophone.Ā 

Horsham day was so much! I went with my friend Amanda and met Chelsea, Katie, and Jill there too. My mom had a table there and was so much fun! Katie was doing some songs in jazz band also was Brian for Horsham Day on the stage. They did the song “YMCA” and we sand and dance to the song it was so much fun! Brian did notice me a lot and show off a little. He kept looking at me when he was doing songs or that was Amanda C because she was doing that stuff too. She was making fun of him a lot, but she says that she sort of likes him, but mostly as a friend. I am not sure she also said that Brian was giving her the dirty look. Anyway my good friend Erin is in his CAR class and when we switched CAR classes she says that sometimes Brian looks at me like he is in love with me. I have no clue how she can tell?!Ā 

Well for the afternoon activities I am not sure what Brian is doing so I have no clue. See here is the thing, I like Brian, and I am not sure if he likes me, so I have no clue what to do. I respect if he likes Sarah B. and would understand, but I can’t stop thinking about him. Well see ya later! Bye!




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