Diary 2, Entry 8. Chapter 29: Summer Vacation!

June 14, 2005

Dear Diary,

School is over! I am so happy! I do miss some of my friends, but I am glad school is over. I am at home with Jill (I know it is scary but we are very good friends) We were on AIM, played Twister (it was sooooo much fun. The funny part was when Jill’s butt was in my face). Then we came upstairs and I asked out Andrew for Jill but he said No. (I hate him) I use to live right next to him ever since I was little in my old house. We were like best friends and I barely remember him. We had good times back then. I just realized that he was alive this year because he is, well, was, in Jill and I’s homeroom. My mom told all the stories about us. We, well, I use to live right next to Hallowell, but wasn’t old enough to go there and I moved right to Simmons. I always live right next to a school. Well see ya! Me and Jill have to go to bed. See ya, bye!



P.S. Jill knows about the Brian thing, everything! She is like the only one who understands me. There would be no point for me to be here if Jill wasn’t my friend! She might go with me to Fair Haven, New York! Can’t wait!


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