Diary 1, Entry 57.

May 27, 2004

Dear Diary,

Today was good. Amanda C. likes Brian too. I think Brian likes her or Shannon (A.C.’s friend) It doesn’t matter to me if he likes him. I am talking on the phone with Amanda C. right now, we are reading our diaries together. A.C. is mad at Shannon because she is being a brat. Jill (I sit next to her) sits next to me and Brian does too. Jill called me a bitch. I really hate her! We did a play for the revolutionary war. It was called, “The Boston Massacre”.

Brian did smile at me a lot, but A.C. doesn’t like him anymore! I feel bad for her.

In gym I got a Presidential badge for gym I am so glad! Brian got a national! Today was an OK day, but anything new or exciting I will let you know!

I really hope I have a better day tomorrow!