Diary 2, Entry 12.

July 6, 2005

Dear Diary,

It has been OK through this week. Tomorrow I am going to the Saint Catherine’s Carnival wit Miriam and Jill. I can’t wait! Then Jill and I are going to Fair Haven, New York, well she has to come over my house then sleep over Friday night. (All of this on Friday) but carnival is Thursday, today is Wednesday. I can’t wait! I am a little worried if Jill doesn’t like it. O yeah my dad and brother, Jeff, came back from Philmont, but he had to go straight to Delaware for business and missed the fireworks :(…….the fireworks! The fireworks were great. My Nana and Pop-pop had to miss them because they had to get ready for Fair Haven. The Fishers, Mazzies and the Fields were there. Matt almost pushed me in the water! Then my little brother, Michael, brought these fireworks things. They were cool and had awesome colors. I can’t wait until tomorrow and Friday! My dad is also going to take me to get my nails done! (French manicure) So ya, if anything happens I will tell you ASAP! See ya!