Diary 2, Entry 9.

June 15, 2005

Dear Diary,

Jill left today this morning because she had to go help her mom at Dairy Queen. Her mom owns the place. (That is pretty cool) Later today I am going to a soccer swim party because it is the meeting for the new team. Michelle made the soccer team too (travel) I can’t wait! Well anyway that reminds about the softball party- it was at Katie T.’s house. It was a cool party for the end of the softball season. We had pizza, ice cream, shirts (that we made). I didn’t finish mine though. In the pool we played all these cool games. She had a diving board, which was awesome! I can dive really well! I am surprised about that because I haven’t been to a pool in like 5 years! Katie had the nose goggles and flippers, so I used them. It was cool because we did hand stands under water in the deep end. O-my-gosh, guess what?! Amanda, my good friend, is going to ask Brian for me! She is the best! She sort of still likes him, but as a friend she says. I am so nervous because he probably will say “no”. If he did say yes it is probably is because he wants a girlfriend and is desperate. He doesn’t even like me. The only reason he danced with me at the CYO dance is probably because he didn’t want me to feel bad. When Jill asked Brian that if he liked me he said “yes”, but he might be referring to Sarah B. (probably) So ya…O-yeah my friend Erin told me to ask him out in the very beginning of the summer because if he says “No” (probably will happen) he might forget it over the summer and if he said “yes” (I doubt that he will) I could go out with Brian over the summer! But I wouldn’t count on it. I would understand if he said “no”, though. Well I can’t stop thinking about his answer. (I can bet $5 that he will say “No”- I am almost positive!) Well see ya! Bye!