Diary 2, Entry 11. Chapter 31: Summer!

July 3, 2005

Dear Diary,

I am so sorry I didn’t talk to you in awhile. I was very busy. So anyway last weekend Katie R. came to my boat (down the shore). It was fun. I went to the “Casino” in Fantasy Island. Me and Katie spilt the tickets up. (I had more! hehe!) She got a picture frame, when I got a dolphin statue for my collection. We also went to the water park. We went under the bucket like a million times! It was fun. I also found out that Jill is definitely coming to Fair Haven! I seriously can’t wait! A few days ago, Jill came over my house and we rode our bikes, twice, to Edibles and Wawa. Then on AIM we looked up Jesse McCartney’s screename. (We both love him) Then I talked to a person who is going to be famous. She is really nice and her screename is Jeremyismine414. Her name is Jess. Then this one girl asked for Jesse’s screename and I said that I am BFF’S with him and lived right next to him. And my screename is on the celeb list and I feel so famous! Even though I am not! πŸ™‚ I also met this very nice guy, Kevin, he likes to talk to me a lot and thinks I am interesting! (ooh la la) So yah…

I have met many new friends. O-yeah I took Katie to the “Show Place” it was awesome. I want to work there when I get older! Katie does too. She seems to copy me so much now a days. It is so annoying! I also said I might become famous someday because a fashion designer, who does famous clothes for famous people might know some people looking for actors! And then Katie is like “wait…for both of us OK?” She is pretty good too. So yah. Tell ya all about the other days.



P.S. I am at the boat right now and tomorrow is 4th of July!