Diary 2, Entry 10. Chapter 30: him

June 16, 2005

Dear Diary,

Hey, I have a lot to tell you a lot of stuff. Ok, you know how I told Amanda to ask Brian for me?! Well any way she did and he said “I don’t know” which means (what Amanda said) that he likes me but is afraid to show the truth, but I really think that he doesn’t like me and doesn’t want to say “no” because he doesn’t want to make me feel bad. (He is too nice to say “no”) Maybe he still thinks Amanda likes him too and doesn’t want her to feel bad or something because I don’t know if she told Brian that she doesn’t. That is also why he really doesn’t want to make me feel bad because he knows that anything he tells Amanda will go straight to me. That is why, when Amanda was talking to him, he tried to change the subject, at least I think. Then I went to Amanda’s grandparent’s and swam in their pool. It was cool. I also saw where the hot guy lives and ate hot dogs. I also went into their basement and showed Amanda some gymnastic moves. That is the place right next to June Fete. Then I came to Amanda’s house and played Sims. Then I had to go home. After I got home I talked to Brian on AIM and he did say that Amanda was talking to him about going out with me. So yeah I am not sure what to do. If anything happens I will tell you right away!