New Ideas and a New Vision

Hey there everyone. Long time no post.

So for those who may not know, I moved to Italy. I packed up my entire life in three crammed suitcases, and changed my entire life by buying one plane ticket. I was unfortunately unable to bring all of my 9 journals that have been the core of this blog. In other words, I have nothing to rewrite and post from my diaries. I know, I loved embarrassing myself too, but for now, I am putting a hold on the “How I Met Myself” blog. Hopefully when I return back to the States I can pick them up and start writing again!

So that was the bad news, but there is good news as well! As an American living in Italy, I have learned and experienced so much more than I can wrap my head around. So for my sake, and maybe for other wanderlust expats living abroad, this could be a helpful blog. I have came across so many blogs about traveling and creating a life abroad, and I hope that I can create something somewhat original. Everyone has a different story to tell and I would like to share my crazy life in Italy with you all. Keep your eyes pealed for my new blog, “Gocce di Meriggio– Drops of Shade at Noon“.

Check it out!

Ciao for now,

Sarah Lorraine Thompson


Un Bel Annuncio.

A beautiful announcement indeed.

I am taking a moment out of diary entries to say something I never thought I would say. (At least not until this May):

I am going to Italy to spend my 22nd birthday with my wonderful boyfriend!

I have awhile until I mention him in my diaries (Diary 9 to be exact), and you will find out our story soon enough. But long story short, I studied abroad last spring in Rome, stayed and worked in Sorrento, Italy this past summer, and at the bar I worked at there was a bartender named Luigi, and before I knew it, we were spending all of our time together even outside of work. Then one day I realized I loved him and not long after, he discovered the same feelings towards me. We have been together in a serious relationship since this past August, and I was so fortunate enough to spend Thanksgiving and his birthday with him when he came to visit the States for the first time with his close friends, whom I have become close with as well. After staying with me for about a month and a half, he returned to his family back in Sant’agata- a village on top of the cliffs near the town of Sorrento- for Christmas.

It was hard to see him go because I didn’t know if he would be able to come visit me again in February for my birthday. Little did I know, he surprised me and asked, “How would you feel if you came to Italy for your birthday?”… How would I feel?! Absolutely ecstatic! So today, Luigi bought me my plane ticket to visit him-arriving in Napoli on February 2, and returning home on February 19.

I would honestly stay longer, but unfortunately (and fortunately) this is my last semester of college. So my plan is to graduate this May (as of now, I am), and after graduation I would return to Italy to work this summer in Sorrento. Then after the summer ultimately, move back to the States with Luigi and find a place together.

Looking forward to the rest of my life is an understatement.