Diary 2, Entry 6. Chapter 28: End of 6th Grade

June 10, 2005

Dear Diary,

Field day was the best! When I played soccer I scored two goals and saved two. We won 5 to 1. I played against the Black team (“B day”) I was on Red for prisoner tag. I won and we didn’t have to play the last round because we ultimately won either way. Then the after those games there was a sprinkler and got soaked. The afternoon activities were awesome too. They did two rounds for boys then girls. Well Brian was in Dizzy Izzy he fell on the ground right in front of me. He smiled at me.

At the water relay, which, Earthkeepers won that, my uncle (a gym teacher at my middle school) got the whole jug of water and dumped it on me! It felt sooooo good. After that I was in tug-a-war and Earthkeepers won that, but the champions were the Investigators. The bedrock team, then Earthkeepers, then the Timetravelers. I tide with Titans for third though. I got really bad sunburn which really, really hurt.

The next day was the talent show. I was so excited. I told that we were doing respect and we did but we were in PM. Brian was doing “YMCA” with “his band” just like at Horsham day. In PM we had to wait in the back in order and Brian’s group was after us. We talked in the beginning of the PM area and when we got up there, I sang great and everybody stood up. The applause was long and loud too! Everybody said I did great! Even Brian! He did good too! We wore feathery scarfs and we looked hot!! hahah Then we got our year books. And guess what my picture is right next to Brian because it is alphabetical order. He is not as hot as last year, it is OK. My picture is smoking hot!! hahaha Why am I talking like this ?! 

Well anyway, he didn’t yet but I hope on Monday he will. A lot of my friends signed and Anna is moving California! I am sooo going to miss her! I went to her party after Horsham Day. It was cool! Then the next, o-wait, at Horsham Day I saw the fireworks with Katie and Chelsea. I saw them in 3-D glasses it was awesome it was cool. It had light there were rainbows and popped out toward your face! I am never going to picture fireworks normal again! 

The next day, It was wear your Hawaiian shirt day. I wore a flower necklace and hair clip with a really cool shirt! I gave the extras to Katie and Chelsea. Then direct study we finished up the talent show with the teachers doing the YMCA. It was so funny because they had no clue what to do! My teacher Mrs. Reese was so funny! Then after direct study we watched “Remember the Titans” Everyone kept talking so we couldn’t listen. (Now I know how Mrs. Reese feels!) So some people signed my yearbook and I decorated it too. OMG guess what…? Brian is single!!! He is not going out with Sarah B and in his buddy profile it says “single and haten it!” So he might go out with me but I have to ask him on the last day of school. Well my friend Erin said I should because if he says no he will forget about it over the summer and if he says yes then I could go out with him in the summer! (What a good idea) hahaha Well I will tell you if anything happens ASAP! See ya! Bye!