Un Bel Annuncio.

A beautiful announcement indeed.

I am taking a moment out of diary entries to say something I never thought I would say. (At least not until this May):

I am going to Italy to spend my 22nd birthday with my wonderful boyfriend!

I have awhile until I mention him in my diaries (Diary 9 to be exact), and you will find out our story soon enough. But long story short, I studied abroad last spring in Rome, stayed and worked in Sorrento, Italy this past summer, and at the bar I worked at there was a bartender named Luigi, and before I knew it, we were spending all of our time together even outside of work. Then one day I realized I loved him and not long after, he discovered the same feelings towards me. We have been together in a serious relationship since this past August, and I was so fortunate enough to spend Thanksgiving and his birthday with him when he came to visit the States for the first time with his close friends, whom I have become close with as well. After staying with me for about a month and a half, he returned to his family back in Sant’agata- a village on top of the cliffs near the town of Sorrento- for Christmas.

It was hard to see him go because I didn’t know if he would be able to come visit me again in February for my birthday. Little did I know, he surprised me and asked, “How would you feel if you came to Italy for your birthday?”… How would I feel?! Absolutely ecstatic! So today, Luigi bought me my plane ticket to visit him-arriving in Napoli on February 2, and returning home on February 19.

I would honestly stay longer, but unfortunately (and fortunately) this is my last semester of college. So my plan is to graduate this May (as of now, I am), and after graduation I would return to Italy to work this summer in Sorrento. Then after the summer ultimately, move back to the States with Luigi and find a place together.

Looking forward to the rest of my life is an understatement.