Diary 2, Entry 7.

June 12, 2005

Dear Diary,

For this weekend I went to Virginia for my cousin’s wedding. It took four long hours to get there. The wedding church was small but cool. My cousin, Jenny Ball, looked very pretty in her bride dress. Her fiancee, or well husband now, is a surfer dude and has a southern accent. (ya’ll) He is cool! My other cousin, Kerryn, is one of the flower girls. She looked cute! The after party was cool too. The house was huge and fancy! 5 levels and it’s backyard has a huge pond with a dance patio. It is like worth over a million dollars. OK there was also 50 servants, gourmet meals, it was awesome. When the wife throw the bouquet, I caught it by accident! Me and my cousin, Lauren, moved out of the way to not catch it, but it hit the tree and hit me right in the face!

The house also had disco lights and cool music. I felt like I had a block party, I was fancy and rich and it was like my house. We also had lightning bugs show there was millions of them! The house had a huge hammock and a bush with lights. It was like a huge bush hut. It was awesome! I love that place! When I got back i forgot that June Fate was this weekend and Amanda wanted me to come but I couldn’t because I got back like by the time it was over. Those boys from last year were flirting with us and checking us out! They live right next to Amanda’s grandparents house. I went last year there in their pool. It is awesome they are rich. With a movie theater, water ice machine. It is also cool. I feel bad not going though. Well see ya! One and a half days left of school!